About the Coalition

Ensuring a dignified and active old age is one of the major challenges currently faced by the humanity. This multi-faceted problem affects all aspects of our life and relates, in equal measure, to the functioning of individuals, countries and societies.

Poland is joining the European leaders in developing a strategy to prevent negative aspects of the population ageing process. The Coalition for Healthy Ageing, launched on 11 July 2012, is a response to the increasing needs related to changes in demography, lifestyles and developing social expectations regarding the quality of life in old age.

The main focus of the Coalition’s activities is to act for next generations of seniors.  But we need not waste time in commencing work to create a comprehensive infrastructure for sustaining the health and productivity of older generations. The foundation of the strategy currently in development is the concept of Active and Healthy Ageing, successfully promoted by the European Union.

The Coalition for Healthy Ageing advocates the improvement of the broadly understood quality of seniors’ life in Poland. The initiative brings together and is supported by foreign and domestic experts, principally medical practitioners, public opinion leaders, institutions and social organisations. The Coalition work has involved central and local government authorities, Members of Parliament and many universities and non-governmental organisations.

The publication of the White Paper constitutes an important element of the whole package of Coalition activities aimed at the full implementation of the healthy and active ageing concept in the Polish society. The work of the Coalition is guided by the principle “Healthy old age starts in childhood”, a motto of the Polish EU Presidency, which represents the essence of the Active and Healthy Ageing concept. The motto underscores the significance of prevention and instilling health promoting behaviours in children and the youth. The Coalition also puts emphasis on the economic and social factors determining the quality of life of seniors.


Prof. Bolesław Samoliński MD PhD


Head of the Coalition for Healthy Ageing

National Consultant for Public Health